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N U T R I T I O N  +  A L L E R G I E S

At FUMCN, we value good nutrition and healthy eating. We try to provide snacks with minimal added sugar or processing.

  • The emergency assist parent for each morning class will be responsible for bringing in a fresh fruit, vegetable for their particular morning class that day. An approved snack list is provided.

  • A snack will be provided by FUMCN to the children attending M/W/F afternoon enrichment classes.

  • Children attending M/W/F extended day classes will bring a packed lunch from home.


  • FUMCN is a NUT FREE environment.

  • We partner with families on an individual basis to ensure that the needs of each child are fully understood and the safety of each child is maintained.

  • Emergency Allergy Action Plans for each child are posted in our A Room (where all food is consumed and medication is safely stored) and are communicated with all adults interacting with the children.

  • As much as possible, FUMCN will strive to tailor the snack list to allow all children, regardless of allergies or dietary restrictions, to participate in snack without any restrictions. 

  • More information can be found in our Handbook which is located on the "Policies + Handbook" page. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your child's needs should you have any further questions.

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