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Read what our families (old and new) have to say about the advantages of our co-op preschool!

“My children have thrived in the FUMCN classrooms. The teachers show amazing patience and excitement while meeting the individual needs of their students. My children have learned compassion, turn-taking, and even table manners as well as the academic skills I expect them to learn at school. There is an atmosphere of fun and exploration at FUMCN. My kids have learned about science concepts while playing in shaving cream in the texture table. They have learned about good nutrition while cooking foods with friends. As a mom, I especially appreciate the messy glitter painting, bug experiments and mud day celebration that happens AT SCHOOL and not in my house!”

“COMMUNITY, COMMITMENT, FRIENDSHIP, SUPPORT, and the KIDS COME FIRST (yes, these are purposely in caps!)”

“It was a good way to catch a glimpse at how our kids interacted with others, witnessing the joys, little accomplishments, and challenges (learning along with them how to navigate). Kids and I got extra time together that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise; life is short, if you can might as well spend it with people you love! With the sibling care program, it extended the sense of community by supporting families with younger siblings, and also created a sense of belonging for the little ones, too.”

“I’ve found assisting in the co-op classroom to be beneficial in so many ways. It’s delightful to see my child do things I didn’t know that she could do, watch her make friends, observe what she likes to play with, know the school routines firsthand, meet other parents as we work together, and learn new ways to play with and teach my child. And it’s always wonderful to see how happy she is when I’m staying with her that day.”

“FUMCN has amazing teachers that really know how to connect to every kid, from the shy kid who has a hard time putting him/herself forward, to the energetic kid who needs help figuring out boundaries.  They truly understand children and their individual needs, and have the ability to make each child feel loved and accepted.”

“The involvement aspect (in support of both my daughter and the teachers) is a huge draw. The benefits of parent involvement during these crucial early years is immeasurable, and a learning environment becomes far more effective when more heads, hands, and hearts pull together!”

“Building a community, seeing your child in school interact with the teacher and other kids, it’s a fraction of the cost in comparison to a non co-op preschool, creative parents that bring lots of creative ideas for the kids (field trips, events, games, etc.)”

“I loved being able to be in the classroom with my child to help them transition to independence gently. I loved getting to know other parents with similar age children. The reduced cost over a traditional preschool was also a big benefit to our family.”


“Getting to see the excellent teachers in action. I learned so much about child development and behavioral techniques.”

“Being a part of your child’s first school experience, knowing the songs they sing, learning a ton of parenting, teaching, and mediation skills from the teacher, making friends (the kids and the parents), and significant cost savings compared to non-co-op preschools.”

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