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  • Do you provide a rest time? Is my child required to nap?
    Rest time is required by the state for children who are on site for 5 or more continuous hours. Rest time, or "quiet time", is provided for children enrolled in our extend days - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. FUMCN provides cots, and families provide the bedding. A quiet, cozy atmosphere is maintained for those who wish to nap. Children who prefer not to nap are given quiet activities to engage with independently.
  • What are your parent assist requirements?
    Parents of childen enrolled in our morning and/or extended day classes are required to serve as an "assist parent" on a rotating basis, mornings only. Parents of children only enrolled in our afternoon classes are not required to assist, but may if they wish to. More information can be found on our "Assist Roles + Responsibilities" page, as well as in our Handbook (found on the "Policies + Handbook" page).
  • How do you accomodate children with food allergies?
    FUMCN is a NUT FREE environment. Additionally, we partner with families on an individual basis to ensure that the needs of each child are fully understood and the safety of each child is maintained. Emergency Allergy Action Plans for each child are posted in our A Room (where all food is consumed and medication is safely stored) and are communicated with all adults interacting with the children. As much as possible, FUMCN will strive to tailor the snack list to allow all children, regardless of allergies or dietary restrictions, to participate in snack without any restrictions. More information can be found in our Handbook which is located on the "Nutrition and Allergies" page. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your child's needs should you have any further questions.
  • Can I bring my younger child with me while I assist?
    Siblings should be in care outside of FUMCN classrooms during their parent's/guardian's scheduled assist times. Childcare at FUMC is available through the FUMCN Sibling Care program (more information can be found on the "Sibling Care" page). The many small pieces in the classrooms as well as larger children pose a hazard to very young children. The sibling's presence can become a distraction for the FUMCN children as well as the assist parents/guardians. We encourage you to contact us with any further questions regarding Sibling Care!
  • What are your age cut-offs?
    FUMCN is licensed as a preschool program servicing children ages 3-5. Children entering FUMCN should be 3-years-old by September 1st. As we are not a Kindergarten, our programming is most suitable for children up to Young 5s. More information can be found in the "Membership" section of our Handbook, which can be found on the "Policies + Handbook" page on our website.

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