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a place for all to shine and grow!


F U M C N   B O A R D

We recognize the following team who is working hard to maintain a safe and collaborative school year:

Program Director / Lead Teacher 

Susan Sowder

Assistant Teacher

Mary Page

Assistant Teacher

Lisa Hirsch

Board President

Shani Hessenthaler

Board Vice President

Cassie Espich


Board Secretary

Gabriela Darahem

Board Treasurer

Laura Hilburn

Financial Seretary

Marty Javornosky

Health and Safety Chair

Katie Stoffel-Duffy

Team Leaders

Community Building Team Lead

Kristan Freitag

Membership Team Leader

Kathryn Thach

Marketing Team Leader

Jess Pascoal

Facilities Team Lead

Russell Grenham

Facilities Co-Chair

Polina Starobinskiy

Curriculum Team Lead

Jessi Kishiyama

FUMC Liaison

Katie Stoffel-Duffy

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