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C H U R C H   R E L A T I O N S H I P

First United Methodist Church has had a presence in Ann Arbor since the 19th century. Its mission is “We seek to know God. We are grounded in unconditional love. We affirm all persons.” In the early 1960s First United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor established FUMCN preschool as an outreach program to the community.

FUMCN has a permanent presence in four church classrooms and the playground, but it also has access to the church social hall, sanctuary, church lounges, and spacious lawn for special events. This downtown Ann Arbor location allows the children and their families access to opportunities such as walking field trips to the fire station, library and Farmer’s Market. As a program of the church, FUMCN does not rent space, or pay for utilities or custodial services. This, in addition to our parent assist structure, allows us to keep tuition affordable.

Even though FUMCN is church-sponsored, we welcome families of all religious backgrounds. We encourage FUMCN families to share elements from different cultures and religions with the class and FUMCN community throughout the year. From the very beginning, FUMCN has been open to all students of any race, creed, sex, nationality, or ethnic origin. Diversity is welcomed, encouraged, and needed. FUMCN helps build relationships between the church and the community and between people of different faiths, economic levels, and experiences. We welcome all to be part of the FUMCN community!

If interested in learning more about the church and it's mission, please visit the First United Methodist Church website.

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